Tess in a flower crown

Making a Midsommar Flower Crown with a Farmer Florist


I made some flower crowns for my family on Midsommar Eve. I used some of the ranunculus & anemones from the field and foraged around the farm for the rest. It takes practice – so go grab some friends to go in on a flower crown making party. Go forage together or do a flower & foliage pot luck! 

Supplies List:

– Flowers
– Foliage
– Texture Elements
– Paper-Covered Wire
– Floral Tape
– Wire Cutters
– Scissors – for cutting flowers & foliage
Floral Arranging Kit (paid link): https://amzn.to/3XJ7HPA
Paper-Covered Wire (paid link): https://amzn.to/45K5lSL


1. Get the flower making crown supplies together on one big table

Forage1 or buy:

– Flowers – Main Character energy
– Foliage – Supporting Character energy
– Texture Elements – Supporting Character energy with a plot twist

2. Measure the paper-covered wire to make the base of the crown

– Take the paper-covered wire and measure the circumference of the floral crown you want around your head or the head of the person you are making it for!
– Add an extra 5 cm to fasten together. Make a loop on one side and straight on the other.

3. Organize the elements & Prepare them into bite-size pieces

– Leaving 5 cm of the stem
The Farm Manager joined us as a supervisor & quality control on today’s flower crown making!

4. Assemble bundles with 4-6 stems each

Play around with the flowers, foliage, and texture elements you have – Not every bundle needs a flower!

5. Wrap floral tape around the top 2.5 cm of each bundle.

Floral tape is sticky so you need to stretch it as you are wrapping it.

6. Design

Lay the bundles in a straight line to design and move around bundles till you get the look you want.
I always like putting the statement flower or bundle on both sides of my temple.

7. Start adding flowers to your paper-covered wire

Take the paper-covered wire with the loop side away from you and lay your first bundle on it. Wrap the floral tape around the bundle and wire a few times.
This part is harder as you don’t want to squish your flower magic. Just keep practicing and it gets easier!

8. Keep attaching flower bundles to your paper-covered wire

Take the next bundle facing the same direction as the first bundle and place it so it hides the floral tape of the previous bundle.

9. Repeat the previous step until your entire paper-covered wire is no longer visible

10. Secure your flower crown

Place the crown on and secure the ends by putting the paper-covered wire through the loop you created and twisting it to secure. If you like you can add hair pins to secure it in place on your head. Add some ribbon to the back if you want!

11. Now you have a flower crown – go enjoy it with friends and family!

The Farm Manager enjoyed supervising and being quality control for the flower crown making today!
Flower Note: If you need to make these for an event – make them the day before and store them in a plastic container in a dark & cold place – e.g. back of fridge or a cold dark room.

  1. *Make sure you are not breaking any local laws when foraging for materials. ↩︎